Setting up: attach, calibrate, and user modes

Follow these steps to get started with your Gen 3: 

Attach the ShotKam to your barrel 

Begin with your shotgun or rifle unloaded. Next, follow these steps:

1. Loosen the silver screw on your quick-release mount with the provided Allen tool.
2. Position your ShotKam between 3 and 7 inches back from the muzzle; wherever feels comfortable to the balance of your gun. The lens must be at least 3 inches back from the muzzle in order to prevent debris from touching the lens. Do not attach over porting holes on a ported barrel.
3. Align the ShotKam directly under your barrel (the USB port will be facing up, closest to the barrel). Tighten the silver screw firmly.

Note: If you see the barrel in the top of your ShotKam videos, then either move the camera closer to the muzzle, or choose a more narrow (zoomed-in) field-of-view.

Calibrate the reticle (video crosshair)

To align the ShotKam's reticle to your Point-of-Aim, follow these steps: 

1. Rest your gun on a gun bag, then aim the bead of your gun at a stationary target 30+ yards away. Ex. the corner of a trap house, or a sign 30+ yards away.
2. Open the ShotKam app and select "Calibrate Device." 
3. To move the reticle, hold down the arrows for 3 to 4 seconds and release. Be sure to allow for a brief WiFi delay because the reticle moves one pixel at a time per second. 
4. Repeat step 3 until your reticle is centered over your target (where your gun is aimed). 

Learning user modes and settings

In the ShotKam mobile app, you can adjust your Target Type, Shooting Device, Video Format, and more. 

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