Battery dying during use

If your Gen 3 is dying unexpectedly when using: 

  1. Check if you are shooting in WiFi Mode or Normal Shooting Mode. The Gen 3 will only last 1 hour in constant WiFi Mode. We recommend shooting only in Normal Shooting Mode for optimal battery life (click control button once, one green LED light only). 
  2. Check the temperatures you are shooting in. The Gen 3 operates between 38ºF (3ºC) and 110ºF (43ºC). Using it in very cold conditions may temporarily reduce battery life. Click here for more information
  3. Perform this at-home Battery Test to check the battery health.
  4. If your Gen 3 stays on for 45 minutes or more during the Battery Test, try the following: 
    • Clay Shooting: Adjust the Wake-Up Sensitivity in the settings on your ShotKam mobile app to “Less Sensitive.”Once adjusted, ensure the ShotKam is still waking up (solid green LED) when the gun action is closed. Please use an external battery pack at the range to recharge the battery if needed: Click here for battery pack recommendations
    • Hunting: Constant Record mode can use a significant amount of battery. We recommend bringing an external battery pack to the field to recharge the battery: Click here for battery pack recommendations
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