My ShotKam app is not working

If you are having trouble connecting your ShotKam to your mobile device, please see Is my mobile device compatible?

Next, confirm you have the correct app on your iPad, Tablet, or smartphone:

Apple* Users: Download ShotKam Version 4.1 (released March 2020). 
Android Users: Download ShotKam Version 1.134. 
*For Apple devices with iOS 14, please see ShotKam and iOS 14.

The ShotKam app icon has a white background with a red crosshair icon. NOTE: The ShotKamPro App is only compatible with our 2nd Generation ShotKam. To confirm which ShotKam model you have, please see How can I determine which model I have?

Lastly, start with the ShotKam OFF - you should see no LED lights. Next, hold the Control Button for 3 to 5 seconds, then let go to initiate WiFi mode. You should see two yellow LEDs, then one LED will turn green as it initiates WiFi connection. Refer to Step 2: Download the mobile app and connect to WiFi.

Please charge your ShotKam fully before connecting to your mobile device. Additionally, please ensure that your ShotKam's memory isn't full. Refer to How to delete videos using Mac or How to delete videos using Windows PC for more information.




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