How do I get a discount code or special offer?

We offer a Military and Police discount on the ShotKam (no discounts on accessories). To get a custom invoice, email us at with the following:

  1. Your complete name
  2. Shipping & billing address, plus phone number
  3. The discount code that applies to you
  4. Your order details. For example: I would like a ShotKam Gen 4 (12 GA included) + 20 GA Bracket

Other Option:

We have a special 10% OFF discount code for our newsletter subscribers, which applies to your entire order. To get the discount, subscribe to our Newsletter by clicking the orange pop-up (bottom left corner), then you will get the exclusive discount code. 




  1. Subscribe to our ShotKam Newsletter
  2. Check your inbox for the special discount code
  3. Visit our website
  4. Add your ShotKam Camera and any accessories to your Cart
  5. Proceed to Checkout, then you will see a discount code box on the right-hand side of the billing page. Enter the special discount code, then hit Apply. 

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