Why am I missing recordings/ shots?

If you purchased your ShotKam from May 2021 to December 2021 and you are noticing missed recordings, please check for a folder dated 1-1-20. If there is a folder dated 1-1-20 or similar, please click here to follow the instructions.


For all other ShotKam purchases, please follow these steps: 

  1. Connect your ShotKam to the ShotKam mobile app and open your device's settings.
  2. Confirm that you have the correct Gun Type selected (example: "Semi-Auto" if you are shooting a semi-auto) and that your Recoil and Wake-up Sensitivities are set to Normal.
  3. The "Normal" recoil sensitivity setting is perfect for about 95% of shotguns. If you are getting missed recordings on that setting, then please change your recoil sensitivity to Very Sensitive. This will make the camera very sensitive to the recoil, so you should not miss any recordings.
  4. Press "Save" in the ShotKam app. 
  5. When ready to shoot, close the shotgun action and shoot within 20 seconds. If you need more than 20 seconds, you may open/close the action to restart the 20-second timer, or simply bump the gun. By bumping the gun with your hand, you will reset the 20-second timer.

Ensure that you have charged your camera overnight or at least 3 hours before going to the range. To learn how many videos the ShotKam will record on a full charge, please see How long does the battery last while shooting?

Please also ensure that the green or blue metal lock ring is screwed firmly on the back of your ShotKam (around the USB port and control button). 


If you have completed steps 1 through 5 and are still experiencing missed recordings, then click here to do a video processor test.


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