Will it work on my rifle? Barrel measurement recommendations

The ShotKam can be mounted to most rifles barrels using our shotgun bracket options, including grooved rifle barrels. It is not designed to record video through the scope of a rifle, but rather uses patented technology to measure the forces and movements of your barrel. ShotKam's field-of-view records clear footage up to 100 meters. If your rifle has a moderator (also called silencer or suppressor), then you may see it in the top of your ShotKam videos. The ShotKam cannot be mounted onto rails or silencers; it must be barrel-mounted. Example videos at the bottom of this article, or join our Facebook Group called ShotKam Community (click here) to see videos shared by our customers.

Rifle dimensions can vary, so measure the width of the rifle barrel at the location where your ShotKam will be mounted. Use a digital caliper to measure your barrel. Here are the recommended mounting accessories available on our websites for each rifle size:

Barrel Width (mm) Recommended Bracket
12 - 14.5 .410
14.5 - 18 28-Gauge
18 - 21.5 20-Gauge
21.5 - 26 12-Gauge


12-Gauge Bracket for 21.5mm to 26mm barrel width at the location where your ShotKam will be mounted. 

Recommended for large-caliber rifles including 416, 458, .50 BMG

20-Gauge Bracket
for 18mm to 21.5mm barrel width at the location where your ShotKam will be mounted.

Recommended for 30-caliber rifles such as .300 win mag, .308, .30-30, .338, 270, 30-06 (7mm), 9.3 x 62mm, 9.3x74r express rifle

28-Gauge Bracket for 14.5mm to 18mm barrel width at the location where your ShotKam will be mounted.

Recommended for .243, 6.5 Creedmore, 7x64.

.410 Bracket for 12mm to 14.5mm barrel width at the location where your ShotKam will be mounted.

Recommended for AR-15, .223, .22*, .22LR*

*For .22 rifles, please see Using ShotKam with your .22 rifle


12-Gauge Side-by-Side for both 12 GA and 16 GA side-by-sides (also known as juxtaposed or parallel shotguns).

*Specification for 12 GA SxS: 40.5 mm to 44mm barrel width.


20-Gauge Side-by-Side for both 20 GA side-by-sides.

*Specifications for 20 GA SxS: 36 mm to 39mm barrel width.

Note: If you have a side-by-side that is between 39.1 and 40.4mm, then we recommend adding an extra rubber pad or two to the 12 GA SxS. The problem with over-tightening the bracket is that the screws can get bent and seize up, so do not over-tighten the bracket.


28-Gauge Side-by-Side or smaller: Not available. We can customize the 12-Ga side-by-side with extra rubber pads to make it fit a 20 Ga SxS, but adding even more rubber pads makes the bracket too small for a 28 GA SxS. However, we have found that if you use the 20 Ga side-by-side bracket and fit a piece of garden hose around your barrels, the ShotKam will stay secure. We know it doesn't look pretty, but if you can get it to clamp, it works perfectly. 


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To browse our mounting options for your rifle, please click on your ShotKam web shop below to be directed to our "accessories" page:

If you need assistance determining which bracket is correct for you, please email us at Support@Shotkam.com with your rifle size. 


Examples of hunts from our customers:


Moose calf:


Red stag:

Mule deer with rifle: ShotKam footage starts at 49 seconds in the video below.


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