Playing videos on phone

Easily watch your videos frame-by-frame using our free mobile app and ShotKam's built-in WiFi. The camera has an internal WiFi module, so you can easily connect and play video anytime at the range.

To watch your videos in the field, simply turn the camera's WiFi ON using the Control Button. It will now send out its own WiFi signal so you can download video to your mobile device. Again, you can be in the middle of nowhere and still play your videos on your phone, iPad, or Tablet.

The ShotKam app is a free download for most Android or Apple mobile devices. Review our List of compatible Android/Apple devices or Learn how to watch videos at the range:

Do I need a Hotspot or Bluetooth?

No, you do not need hotspot or bluetooth connection. The ShotKam has its own WiFi antenna, so it emits its own WiFi signal that you can access as you would with any other WiFi. Please refer to Getting started with phone, iPad, and tablet for more information. 


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