Why am I seeing distortion after the recoil?

Why am I seeing distortion after the recoil?

It is normal to have 3-5 frames of distortion after recoil. Once the gun is fired, 2 to 3 frames are initially distorted as the pellets travel through the barrel; then the video should clear up quickly. The ShotKam is engineered to absorb this force of approximately 1,000 Gs for a fraction of a second. The resonant frequencies, or vibrations, take several frames to be absorbed. The ShotKam captures 100 images per second, so this distortion is just a fraction of a second before you notice a clear picture again. 

Why am I seeing smoke after the recoil? 

Some guns do have more gun debris than others, but typically changing cartridges does not make a noticeable difference. We recommend avoiding any porting holes when mounting your ShotKam. If you are noticing a fair amount of smoke, you can also change your ShotKam's position on your barrel. Please note that you will need to realign the reticle through your ShotKam app when moving your ShotKam along the barrel. 

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