Can I see the pellets?

Yes, but only if you are shooting against a blue sky (contrasting background to the black pellets). You will be able to see the pellets and wad for about 3-4 frames, but this is more of a "fun" factor rather than a helpful factor. You will not be able to see the pattern all the way out to the break because once the pellets go out about 10 yards, they are too small to be seen on video. The size of each pellet is smaller than a video pixel at that point.

Once you pull the trigger, you will notice 3-4 frames of videos distortion as the gun powder explodes and the pellets travel through the barrel, then the ShotKam video will capture 3-4 frames as the pellets leave the gun. ShotKam records 100 frames per second, so this all happens in a fraction of a second and must be studied using VLC with the frame-by-frame option (see How to play videos on Windows PC or How to play videos on Mac). With this said, we emphasize to always study your ShotKam videos before the shot is taken to see why you missed. Watch this video to see what to look for and learn from in your videos: 

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