Bird hunting: duck, goose, grouse, etc.

Keep the back cap firmly twisted on the camera to stop water from entering the USB port. The ShotKam is made of military-grade aluminum, so it is extremely durable and will endure all hunting environments. 

Watch our YouTube video below for quick tips and instructions on bird hunting—dove, upland, crane, waterfowl, pheasant, partridge, quail, etc: 

To use your ShotKam while hunting, follow these steps: 

1.  Select Your Settings

Connect to the ShotKam’s Wi-Fi, open the ShotKam app, then tap the Settings icon. Select the correct gun type, then select the “Flying Birds” target type. Save these changes.

2. Once in the Field

Place your ShotKam in Normal Shooting Mode with one click-and-release of the Control Button; one LED will illuminate. Once solid green, the camera will now record video and go into Sleep Mode to conserve battery after 30 seconds of inactivity. When your camera is in Sleep Mode (1 blinking green LED), press the Control Button once to awaken it or bump the gun with your hand. Bump either the stock or forend; this vibration will waken the ShotKam.

3. Take the Shot

Shoot within 30 seconds of wakening the camera, or bump the gun to reset the 30-second timer. You will see a blinking blue LED after the shot is taken to indicate that your shot has been saved. The ShotKam will save 3 seconds pre-shot and 3 seconds post-shot. Any shots taken within 9 seconds of each other will be saved on the same continuous video. Playback speed is 1/3 speed, therefore videos will be 18-30 seconds long.

Examples of hunts from our customers:

Duck hunting:


Duck and Goose:


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