Why should I upgrade? Comparing 2nd and 3rd Generation ShotKam

Our trade-in program allows you to turn your old ShotKam into our latest and most advanced ShotKam model. We exclusively sell the 3rd Generation ShotKam which is designed for all shotgun targets within 100 yard distances. Our 4th Generation will be a long-range rifle model that will be released at the end of year 2022. You can mount the 3rd Gen to your rifle barrel using these recommendations.

Compared to the 2nd Generation, the 3rd Generation ShotKam features the following upgrades:

  • Records in Full HD for clear videos (compared to 720p) 
  • 4x Faster Wi-Fi 
  • 30% Longer Battery Life 
  • 99% Accurate Recording (compared to 90%)
  • Real Time Clock (time and date stamp on every shot)
  • 64GB Built-in MicroSD Card (2x larger) 
  • MP4 Video Format (compared to AVI format)
  • Easy-To-Use Mobile App

The 3rd Generation ShotKam pairs with our latest mobile app called "ShotKam" which allows you to play videos frame-by-frame, download multiple videos at a time, and permanently save them onto your mobile device. The 2nd Generation ShotKam pairs with the previous app called ShotKamPro, which is exclusively compatible with Android devices.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of all three ShotKam models:

  1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation
(Available now)
Wi-Fi X Mark 2
No Wi-Fi
Wireless 7
Built-in Wi-Fi
Wireless 7
8x faster built-in Wi-Fi
Mobile device compatibility  X Mark 2
No wireless capability
Android OS 3
Android devices only
Android OS 3 Apple OS 3
Apple and Android compatible
Mobile app X Mark 2
No mobile app

X Mark 2 - No
Apple app (Android only)
X Mark 2 - No frame-by-frame viewing
X Mark 2 - No saving videos
X Mark 2 - No dated folders 

Check Mark 1 - Free app for Apple and Android
Check Mark 1 - View shots frame-by-frame
Check Mark 1 - Save and share videos instantly
Check Mark 1 - Dated folders for each session

Battery life Battery 4
3-hr battery life
Battery 5
4-hr battery life
Battery 7
Up to 6-hr battery life
Quality & frame-rate

720p at 60 fps

720p at 120 fps Full HD 1080p at 100 fps
Video format



Internal clock

X Mark 2 - No
internal clock
X Mark 2 - No date & time. All shots saved in one folder.

X Mark 2 - No
internal clock
X Mark 2 - No date & time. All shots saved in one folder. 

Check Mark 1 - Internal Real-Time Clock
Check Mark 1 - Dated folders with time-stamp on each shot. 

Recording Accuracy  75% accuracy
85% accuracy

Over 99% accuracy



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