Comparing all ShotKam models

Compare ShotKam Gen 3 and Gen 4. Discover the upgrades like 4K video, 15-hour battery, 8x zoom, and more. Learn about our trade-in program.

Comparing Gen 3 and Gen 4

Our trade-in program allows you to turn your old ShotKam into our latest and most advanced ShotKam model. Compared to the Gen 3, the new Gen 4 ShotKam features the following upgrades:

  • 4K Video Resolution
  • Double WiFi Speed
  • All Day Battery Life (Up to 15-Hours) 
  • 8x Adjustable Zoom
  • Larger Built-in Memory (128GB)
  • Sub-Freezing Operating Temperature (14°F)

The ShotKam Gen 4 and Gen 3 also pair with our latest mobile app called "ShotKam" which allows you to play videos frame-by-frame, download multiple videos at a time, and permanently save them onto your mobile device. 

Side-by-Side Comparison

  Gen 4 - NEW
Gen 3 Gen 2
Video Resolution

4K x 60fps
2.7K x 100 fps
*Multiple video formats

1080p x 120 fps

720p x 100 fps

2x faster Wi-Fi (6 Mbps)

Wi-Fi (3 Mbps)

Wi-Fi (1 Mbps)


2x - 8x Zoom

4x Zoom
(Not adjustable)

4x Zoom
(Not adjustable)

Battery life
All-day battery: Up to 15-hrs

5-hr battery life

4-hr battery life

Mobile device compatibility 
Apple and Android

Apple and Android

Android devices only
Memory  128GB 64GB 32GB
Video format MP4  MP4  AVI 
Internal clock Internal Real-Time Clock
Dated folders with time-stamp on each shot. 
Internal Real-Time Clock
Dated folders with time-stamp on each shot. 

No internal clock
No date & time. All shots saved in one folder.

Recording Accuracy  Over 99% accuracy Over 90% accuracy 80% accuracy
Operating Temperatures  Sub-Freezing (Down to 14°F or -10°C)

38°F to 110°F (3°C to 43°C)

40°F to 95°F (4°C to 35°C)


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