Why should I upgrade?

Our trade-in program helps you turn your old ShotKam into our latest and most advanced ShotKam model. We exclusively sell the 3rd Generation ShotKam. Compared to the 2nd Generation, the 3rd Generation ShotKam features the following upgrades:

  • Records in Full HD video for extra clarity (compared to 720p) 
  • 4X Faster Wi-Fi 
  • 30% Longer Battery Life 
  • More Accurate Recording
  • Real Time Clock (time and date stamp on every shot)
  • 64GB Built-in MicroSD Card (2x larger) 
  • MP4 Video Format (compared to AVI format)
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 1-Year Full Coverage Warranty 

The 3rd Generation ShotKam also pairs with our latest mobile app called "ShotKam" which allows you to play videos frame-by-frame, download multiple videos at a time, and permanently save them onto your mobile device. The wireless download speed is also 4x faster in this model. For more information, refer to our Trade-in program or What ShotKam model do I have?

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