Step 5: How to operate the camera when ready to shoot

Charge your ShotKam overnight or at least 3 hours before going to the range. To turn the ShotKam ON and OFF, simply click the back control power button. Follow the steps below to operate:

Step 1 – Power ON with Quick Click

Start with the ShotKam OFF (no LED lights). Then, turn the ShotKam ON with a quick click of the Control Button and let go. You should only see one yellow LED light that will quickly turn into a solid green LED light, indicating that your camera is ready to record. This is called "Normal Shooting Mode" and is how you should use the ShotKam anytime you're shooting.

  • Quick yellow light = warming up.
  • Solid green light = ready to shoot.

Step 2 – Sleep Mode

After 20 seconds of inactivity (no recoil or action closing), the camera will go into "Sleep Mode" to conserve battery. The is a very low battery-consuming mode. You do not have to turn the camera OFF between stations because it will be in Sleep Mode to save battery.

  • Slow flashing green LED light = Sleep Mode.

Step 3 – Waken the Camera and Shoot Within 20 Seconds

When ready to shoot, close the action, then shoot within 20 seconds. The force of the action closing will waken the camera from Sleep Mode (now you will see a solid green LED light). Anytime the is a force through the gun (action closing, bumping the gun, or a recoil), then 20-seconds is restarted.

After your shot has been taken, you will see a blinking blue LED to indicate that your shot has been saved. You can continue shooting while the blue LED flashes.

  • Blinking blue LED = Appears after the recoil to indicate your shot was saved


Understanding the Camera:

When clay shooting, all recoils taken within 5 seconds of each other will be saved on the same video file. All true and report pairs will be on the same video file. For example: if you shoot 50 pairs (100 cartridges), then you will get 50 video files, each containing two shots.  

The ShotKam will only save your video if it feels a recoil. If no recoil is felt, then the camera will go back into Sleep Mode. The camera uses a memory buffer to continually filter the video when awake (solid green LED) and only permanently saves your shot if it detects the recoil.

To easily understand the ShotKam, watch a quick 2-minute video explanation:

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