How do I charge the ShotKam Gen 3 battery?

Use the included USB cable to charge your ShotKam Gen 3. Plug the mini-B end of the cord into the back of the camera (twist-off the cover), then the USB-A end into a computer, wall adapter, or a car USB port.

Important: Do not plug the ShotKam into a Smart TV. You must plug the ShotKam into a computer, then the computer into a Smart TV.

Lost the USB cable?

You can use any USB cord that fits into the ShotKam as they universally convert the input voltage to 5V. Specs of the USB cable: USB-A to Mini-B cable

Charging LED sequences:

Flashing_red_LED.png = Flashing means charging

red_LED.png= Solid means fully charged

The LED will stay solid red once fully charged. Always leave it on charge for at least 3 hours, or overnight before going shooting. Keeping your ShotKam plugged in will not damage the battery. 

Note: The ShotKam automatically turns off when charging, so you cannot charge it and record videos at the same time.

How should I store it during off-season?

Store your ShotKam in temperatures between 32º and 95ºF (0º and 35º C). Be sure to recharge your ShotKam every 2 to 3 months for optimal battery health. 

To learn more about operating temperatures, using an external battery pack, and battery replacements, please refer to:


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