How to save videos on Windows PC hard drive

How do I save videos onto my computer so it doesn't need to be plugged in?

To continue watching videos without plugging in your ShotKam:

  1. Plug your ShotKam in using our USB charging cable. You should see a red LED at the back (flashing red when charging, solid red when fully charged). If you do not see a red LED, please refer to How can I do a hard reset?
  2. Open File Explorer. The File Explorer icon looks like a manila folder file_explorer_folder.png
  3. Scroll down the left-hand column to "ShotKam" and select the "ShotKam" folder to view your dated folders. 
  4. Select the dated folder you wish to save onto your computer's hard-drive, then press Ctrl-C to copy. Alternatively, right-click with your mouse, then select "Copy." 
  5. Minimize File Explorer and locate the background screen of your computer, then press Ctrl-V to paste. Alternatively, right-click with your mouse, then select "Paste." The dated folder with all videos will now copy and save onto your Windows PC hard drive so you can watch your shots without the ShotKam plugged in.

Watch this step-by-step video tutorial starting at 1:22 to see how to permanently save videos to your computer:

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