Do I have to calibrate the reticle each time I take it off my gun?

No, you will not need to re-calibrate the reticle (crosshair or red dot) if putting the ShotKam off and on the same gun, or when moving between guns of the same shotgun type and gauge (ex. 12 Gauge semi-auto to another 12 Gauge semi-auto). Remove the camera to clean the barrel as needed, then simply mount the camera in roughly the same place and the reticle won't need to be realigned. We recommend attaching the camera 3 to 10 inches from the muzzle end of the barrel, or at least 3 inches back from porting holes. Use the lens of the camera as the point of reference, and anywhere between 3-10 inches on the barrel that feels comfortable to the balance of your gun will work.

If you're moving the camera between guns of the same type (ex. a 12 GA break action to another 12 Gauge break action), then attach the camera the same distance back from the muzzle on each barrel (ex. 8 inches back from the muzzle), and the reticle won't need to be adjusted.

You should re-align the camera's reticle if:

  • It is your first time using your ShotKam and mounting it to your gun.
  • You move your ShotKam between different gun types (ex. single barrel semi-auto to double barrel over-and-under).
  • You move your ShotKam between different shotgun gauges (ex. 12 Ga semi-auto to 20 Ga semi-auto). 
  • You change your ShotKam's position on your barrel by over 2 inches.

Learn how to quickly and easily Calibrate your reticle

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