Will it work on my shotgun gauge?

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To browse our mounting options, please click on your ShotKam web shop below to be directed to our "accessories" page. For more information regarding each attachment size, please continue reading below. 


12 Ga Quick Release Bracket*

*This is the only size available in "quick-release" design. The quick-release bracket takes about 10 seconds to mount, then the standard sub-gauge design takes about 2 minutes.

Our 12 Ga Quick-Release Bracket is automatically included with all new ShotKam Camera purchases. The aluminum bracket is lined with rubber pads which provide a firm grip without leaving marks. There is no metal-to-metal contact. Recommended for the following barrel sizes:

  • 10 Ga - Your 10-gauge shotgun will fit our 12 GA Quick-Release, so you do not need any additional mounts.
  • 12 Ga - Mount your ShotKam to any 12-gauge over/under or single barrel shotgun. 
  • 16 Ga - Your 16 Ga shotgun will fit with our 12 Gauge Quick-Release Bracket, so you would not need an additional mount. Occasionally, the 16-gauge barrel may require adding an additional bracket pad. We include a free extra bracket pad in the "spare parts bag" that comes with each purchase, so if needed, you would be able to use that pad to make the 12-gauge just slightly smaller.

To move the ShotKam between shotguns, simply loosen the silver screw to open the bracket. The camera stays firms held within the bracket, then the top portion opens like a claw to clamp onto your barrel. You only need one 12-gauge quick-release per ShotKam; there is no benefit to having multiple.

Bracket assembly instructions:

Watch how to quickly assemble the 12 Ga Quick Release Bracket and how to assemble the sub-gauge brackets to your camera:


Sub-Gauge Sizes*

*The following smaller sizes are not available in "quick-release" design. These take about 2 minutes to attach and are lined with rubber pads which provide a firm grip without leaving marks. There is no metal-to-metal contact.

  • 20 Ga Bracket: Mount your ShotKam to any 20-gauge over/under or single barrel shotgun.
  • 28 Ga Bracket: Mount your ShotKam to any 28-gauge over/under or single barrel shotgun.
  • .410 Bracket: Mount your ShotKam to any .410 over/under or single barrel shotgun.

 NOTE: Watch the video above to learn how to assemble the sub-gauge brackets to your camera.


Side-by-Side Options

  • 12 Ga Side-By-Side: Mount your ShotKam to any 12 Ga side-by-side with this additional mount. 
  • 20 Ga Side-By-Side: Your ShotKam can be mounted to a 20 Gauge side-by-side shotgun, but this attachment will need custom-made. We only sell the 12 Ga side-by-side on our website, but we can customize it for a 20 Ga side-by-side barrel shotgun. We simply add an extra rubber pad to the 12 Ga side-by-side mount to make it smaller for a 20 GA SxS. We are happy to make a custom invoice for you at the regular price of our bracket options. Please contact Support@ShotKam.com to purchase a 20 Gauge side-by-side. 


The ShotKam can mount to most rifles and some extension tubes as well:




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