Step 2: Download the mobile app and connect to WiFi

The ShotKam has its own built-in WiFi antenna. You do not need any other source of WiFi, internet, bluetooth, or data. Allow the ShotKam to fully charge for 2-3 hours (red LED will be solid red once fully charged), then follow these steps:

1. Download the ShotKam App

First, download the correct ShotKam app to your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or Android Tablet (please see Is my mobile device compatible?):

      • Search "ShotKam" in the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android.
      • Download the free ShotKam App. The app icon has a white background with a red reticle crosshair. 

2. Turn ON Camera's WiFi

To initiate the ShotKam’s WiFi, start with the ShotKam OFF and ensure your device and your ShotKam are within 10 feet of each other. Next, hold the Control Button for 3-5 seconds, then let go. The ShotKam's LEDs will both be yellow, then one LED will turn green while the other LED flashes yellow as it initiates a connection.


3. Connect to Built-in Network

On your smartphone/iPad/tablet, tap on the "Settings" icon which will look like a gear icon on the background of your device. Tap on WiFi (Connections > WiFi), then select the “SHOTKAM” network, just as you would connect to an open WiFi network at a coffee shop. It may say “Unsecured Network”, this is normal and you are connected.


4. Open ShotKam App

Exit your device's settings, then open the "ShotKam" app. You can now adjust the ShotKam settings, view videos, and align the reticle. The reticle is the red dot or crosshair seen in our videos.  


5. Record a Test Video

Within the home screen of the ShotKam app, tap on the blue icon that looks like a video camera Record_icon.png

This will start a recording (blue LED will flash at the back of the ShotKam). Let it record for 3 seconds, then tap the record icon again to stop the recording. You have now done a manual test recording. 


6. Play Your Test Recording

You can now access your videos in the ShotKam app by selecting the blue play button icon on the home screen of the ShotKam app Play_icon.png

You will see a list of dated folders with videos. Click "download" to view your shots within the ShotKam app, or click "download and save to device" if you wish to watch your videos in the ShotKam app and save them to your mobile device's photo library. 

Watch a step-by-step tutorial below of these six steps:

Now proceed to the next step for how to choose the correct settings:

Step 3: Customize your settings



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