Step 6: How to watch videos at the range

After your round, if you'd like to watch your videos at the range, please follow these steps:

  1. Start with the ShotKam OFF. Next, hold the Control Button for 3 to 7 seconds, then let go. Both of the ShotKam's LEDs will be yellow. One LED will turn green while the other flashes yellow as it initiates connection. 
  2. Open the "Settings" on your mobile device (gear icon on the background of your device). Tap on "WiFi Connections", then select the "SHOTKAM" network.
  3. Once connected, close the Settings and open the "ShotKam" app. You will now see a blinking green LED and a solid yellow LED on your camera.
  4. Select the play button icon (looks like a triangle). You will see a list of dated folders with videos.
  5. Click "Download" to view your shots while at the range. NOTE: This is a temporary download and your videos are only viewable while connected to the ShotKam app. Select "Download and Save to Device" if you would like to view the video in the ShotKam app and save it to your mobile device's photo gallery/camera roll. 
  6. Once the downloads are complete, press the play icon to play your video. If you'd like to go frame-by-frame, start with the video paused, then use the right and left blue arrows on the video to go frame-by-frame.

Here's a quick 2-minute video on how to connect and play video within the app:



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