How do I replace the battery?

How often does the battery need to be replaced?

Like most lithium-ion batteries, the ShotKam's battery life expectancy is 3-4 years. A battery replacement is done at our Repair Center in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. We currently do not have any international repair centers, so every camera must be shipped to Florida for a battery replacement. The turn-around time is 3-4 days.

Does my camera need a new battery?

Perform the at-home battery test here.

  • Pass: If the battery lasted 45+ minutes, then it is in excellent condition and does not need to be replaced. If you noticed it not lasting as long in the field, then it could be related to the cold temperatures. Lastly, ensure you charge the camera overnight before going out. It will turn solid red after 3 hours, but leave it on charge overnight.
  • Fail: If the battery did not last 45 minutes, then send us an email requesting a Return Authorization Form. In your email, include the test results and your order number.

How much is a new battery?

If your camera has failed the Battery performance test, then please contact us at for return authorization. You will be asked to send the camera tube only (no hard case or brackets) to our Repair Center in Florida, USA. Shipping the camera tube typically costs about $10 for USA customers via USPS, or about £15/€15 for international customers via local postal service. Find the price of a new battery below:

  • $59 for battery replacement with free USA shipping
  • C$79 for battery replacement (includes GST) with free CA shipping
  •  £59 for battery replacement (includes VAT) with free UK shipping
  •  €59 for battery replacement (includes VAT) with free EU shipping
  •  A$89 for battery replacement (includes GST) with free AU shipping

Can I change the battery myself?

No, the battery is not accessible or replaceable by the end-user. The battery must be replaced by a ShotKam Technician, then put through our Shock and Vibrations test to simulate recoils. You can get a battery replacement by contacting us at The expected turn-around time for a battery replacement is 3-4 days.

Battery replacement in Europe?

No, you must send your camera to our Repair Center in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. We currently do not have international repair centers. Please contact us at for more information. 

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