Error message when connecting to WiFi

The information below is only applicable for the 3rd Generation ShotKam which has a green metal ring at the back and no accessible SD card. If you have a 2nd Generation ShotKam with an accessible SD card and yellow metal ring at the back, then please see My ShotKam app is not working. Once you have confirmed that you have a 3rd Generation Model, please proceed:

What does "No Internet Connection" mean? 

It is normal to see "No Internet Connection," "Unsecured Network," or "Connected Without Internet" under the ShotKam WiFi network on your device's settings. This message appears because the ShotKam's WiFi network is only for transferring videos, not for browsing the internet. 

The ShotKam WiFi network allows you to connect to the ShotKam App, adjust the settings on your camera, and download videos. Once you have selected the ShotKam's WiFi Network on your device, simply return to the ShotKam App and your device is now connected to the ShotKam. Please refer to: Why does the ShotKam's WiFi say "No Internet Connection?"


What does “Unknown SSID” mean?

The "Unknown SSID" prompt means that your ShotKam's Wi-Fi is not being discovered, and is typically seen on Android devices. Please follow these steps: 

  1. Ensure that you have updated Android OS on your device; the ShotKam is only compatible with Android 9 OS or newer.
  2. Ensure you have downloaded the latest ShotKam app in the Google Play Store, Version 2.0.
  3. In your device settings, turn cellular data OFF. To do so, go into Settings > Cellular (or Data) > Cellular Data OFF. Once the cellular data is off, please connect to the ShotKam's WiFi and open the app.  
  4. Once your mobile device's cellular data if OFF, reconnect to the ShotKam's WiFi and open the app.


What does “Invalid Token” mean?

The "Invalid Token" prompt is typically seen on older mobile devices. Please refer to our Compatible mobile devices


What does “Change DIR Failed” mean?

The "Change DIR Failed" message can occur if your ShotKam's WiFi is renamed, if the wrong app is used, or if your mobile device's data carrier is preventing connection to the ShotKam app. To clear this error message, follow these steps: 

  1. Ensure that you have the correct ShotKam mobile app. 
  2. In your device's settings, turn cellular data OFF. 
  3. If the problem persists, connect your ShotKam to your computer. Then, open File Explorer or Finder and open the ShotKam device (where you normally go to view your videos).
  4. Locate the ShotKam device. 
  5. Select ALL the folders in your ShotKam device (MISC, SHOTKAM, WiFi, shtkmcfg.ini, etc) by holding the shift key, then clicking and dragging over each file. 
  6. Click "Delete" on your keyboard. 
  7. Then, empty the Trash on your computer. You will not need to replace the SHOTKAM folder because it will recreate itself once there is a video. Again, all dated folders and videos will be deleted if not previously saved.

You can now safely Eject your ShotKam. 

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