Aligning the reticle: POA vs POI

The POA is the point-of-aim where the bead of the gun is pointed. The POI is the point-of-impact which is where the center of your pellet pattern is at a certain distance. We recommend that you align the reticle to your Point-of-Aim, not the Point-of-Impact.

The reticle is designed to represent the bead of your gun, so having it aligned to your POA will make it easiest to analyze why you missed. The top instructors who shoot with ShotKam (ex: Harlan Campbell, George Digweed, etc) all setup the ShotKam reticle to be at the POA. The reason being is they want to “train their subconscious brain on where to put the muzzle." If the reticle represents the POI, then you’re not imprinting the correct “sight-picture” into your brain as you watch the videos. The more you can imprint the correct sight-picture, the faster your brain will recognize it and pull the trigger. For example: Most trap guns shoot high because it is a rising clay, so your videos should show that your barrel is just under the clay.

With that said, you can certainly align it to your gun's POI if preferred using a patterning board. To do so, stabilize the gun and find the center of your pellet pattern on the patterning board. Move the crosshair to the center of your pattern, then press "Save." This typically takes two people to do: one person will hold the gun steadily pointed at the center of the patterning board, then the second person will adjust the reticle to the center of the pattern.

Please refer to Step 2: Attach, calibrate, and user modes.

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