How can I test the video processor?

If you are missing shots on video, then you can test the processor which is the internal component responsible for recording video.

Reminder: When the ShotKam is ON in Normal Shooting Mode (solid green LED), then your shot needs to be taken within 20 seconds in order to be saved. If you are doing exactly that and you are still missing recordings on "Very Sensitive" Recoil Sensitivity, then perform this at-home processor reset test:

  1. Remove the ShotKam from your gun and place the orange lens cap on the tube.
  2. Hold the camera tube (no brackets) face-down so that the orange lens cap is towards the floor.
  3. Turn the ShotKam ON (one quick click, one solid green LED).
  4. Simulate a recoil by hitting the camera tube (with orange cap on) very hard onto the floor. This will not damage the camera at all and it is much less force than a recoil.
  5. If the blue LED comes on, that indicates the "recoil" was saved. Or do you see the LED light turn OFF and restart?

If it consistently saves the video with each bump (blue LED), then the A12 Video Processor is working as expected and there is no problem. If your ShotKam turns off and restarts with the hit, then contact us at This indicates an error on the processor.

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