Apple Devices with iOS 14

Apple released iOS 14 as their newest operating system update in September 2020. To confirm the operating system on your device, please follow these steps from Apple: Find your software version

With this update, Apple has included enhanced privacy and security. You must now allow the ShotKam app to use your location and access your local networks. This is required to successfully use the app.

When you open the ShotKam app for the first time on your iOS 14 device, two pop-ups will appear: 

  1.  Allow "ShotKam" to use your location?" You must select Allow While Using App. This allows the app to scan for your ShotKam. No user data is collected. It simply allows the mobile device to find the nearby ShotKam.


  2. "ShotKam" would like to find and connect to devices on your local network. This allows the app to connect to the ShotKam's WiFi. Select: OK


  3. If you did not authorize these permissions and you cannot connect to the ShotKam app, simply delete the app from your Apple device, redownload it, and repeat steps 1-2. You must allow the Location and local network to connect.

Note: The ShotKam mobile app is completely secure, so no user information is collect. Allowing these permissions is safe. 




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