How to reset your ShotKam's internal clock

The ShotKam has an internal Real-Time Clock that syncs up with the time in your current location. If you are noticing the date and time stamps on your ShotKam videos are incorrect, please do the following: 

Note: First, confirm that you have the ShotKam 3rd Generation (see What ShotKam model do I have?). The 2nd Generation does not have a Real-Time Clock and the date and time stamps are not adjustable. 

  1. Turn your camera into WiFi Mode, then open the ShotKam app (steps here)
  2. Record a test video within the app by tapping the record icon to start and stop 🎥
  3. Open the dated folder, then confirm that the test video's date and time are now correct ▶️
Videos from here on out will have the current date. Videos prior to this will not have a corrected date.

If you notice any other issues, please contact us at

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