Can I connect the ShotKam to my TV?

No, the ShotKam cannot connect wirelessly to a TV and we do not recommend hardwiring* it to a Smart TV. 

*Do not use an HDMI cable in the ShotKam’s USB port as this will harm the printed circuit board. 

If you’d like to watch your videos on a TV, then do one of the following:

  • Using the provided USB cable, plug the ShotKam into your laptop. Next, plug the laptop into the TV using an HDMI cord. The videos can go from the ShotKam to the laptop via USB, then from the laptop to the TV via HDMI cord, as long as the ShotKam is not directly plugged into the TV.
  • Download the ShotKam videos wirelessly to your iPhone/iPad using the "Download & Save to Device" option in the app. Next, play the videos from your Gallery/Photos app, then use the "screen mirroring" option to display the videos on the Smart TV.


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