Is there audio in the videos?

Regarding the ShotKam audio, you will hear the "bang" of the shot, but you cannot speak into the camera. There is no recognizable audio aside for the actual shot.

The camera is designed to automatically slow down each video into one-third speed (33% playback speed). This is to replicate how your brain perceives a moving targets. When you replay the videos, you may hear yourself calling "Pull," but it will be in 33% playback speed and sound like a slow "pull." Most of the time, only the shot is recorded and sounds like a normal shot. Here's a YouTube video of clay shooting where you can hear the break-action "bang," then here's a trap video where you can hear the shooter call "pull."

The ShotKam saves 2 seconds pre-shot and 1 second post-shot when shooting clays, so if you call "pull" within 2 seconds of taking the shot, then you'll hear it in the video.

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