MacBook Pro Computers with USB-C Port and M1 Processor

To connect the USB into your Apple MacBook Pro, then need a USB-C adapter. The MacBook Pro computers have a USB-C charging port that requires a special adapter in order to plug in a USB cable. The specification for the correct adapter is: USB-C to USB adapter. This will allow the ShotKam's standard USB cable to connect to your MacBook Pro. 

Note: MacBrook Pro computers from 2019 or earlier with the M1 processor running Big Sur OS require the adapter to be purchased from Amazon, not Apple. We have discovered that if the adapter is purchased from Apple, then it does not allow non-Apple devices to transfer videos to the computer. If you plug a ShotKam, GoPro, etc. using an Apple adapter, then the videos will be denied. You must purchase the adapter below from Amazon or local electronics store (non-Apple brand).

USB-C Port:


Shop USB-C to USB Adapter

*Any non-Apple brand will work.


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