Battery dying during use

If your ShotKam is shutting off after about 2 hours at the range, you might be using WiFi Mode: hold the control button for 3 seconds, one green + one yellow LED light.

If you shoot in WiFi Mode, the Gen 4 will only last two hours. The frame-rate will also be lessened in WiFi Mode, so videos will be at 60 frames-per-second compared to 120. Please see: How to record and watch videos at the range.  

  1. Shoot in Normal Shooting Mode: One click of the control button. You will see one green LED light only.
    • Records in 2.7K at 120 frames-per-second.
    • Last about 15 hours.
    • Each shot you take will automatically save as video (flashing blue LED light when a video is saved).
  2. Turn the ShotKam off* with one click, and on into WiFi Mode if you would like to play back your shots in the mobile app.
    *You must turn the ShotKam OFF when switching between Normal Shooting Mode and WiFi Mode. There will be no LED lights when the ShotKam is off. 

If your Gen 4 is still dying unexpectedly, please try this a-home Battery Test to check the battery health: How can I do a battery test?


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