Using Constant Record Mode

Use Constant Record Mode on your ShotKam Gen 4 for uninterrupted video recording. This mode allows manual recording without the need for recoil, such as for turkey hunting, deer hunting, or driven boar hunts.

All Gen 4 cameras will have Constant Record Mode option. 

How to start Constant Record Mode

  1. Start with the ShotKam OFF. 
  2. Quickly double-click the control button. You will see one green LED and one flashing blue LED indicating that your ShotKam is saving video.  

    Illustration of the ShotKam in Constant Record Mode, depicted by two square icons, one blue and one green, each surrounded by four black lines representing recording signals.
  3. Click the control button once to end your constant recording. 

The ShotKam Gen 4 will last 2-hours in Constant Record Mode. 


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