Getting started with iPhone and iPad (iOS Beta App)

In February 2022, we have released a beta app called "ShotKam App," which is now available in the Apple App Store (not yet available for Android). The new app features improved reliability and an upgraded design, so it is fast and easy to use. 

Please follow these instructions to download the new ShotKam App on your Apple mobile device:

    1. Open the Apple App Store on your device.

       App Store - Apple

    2. Search for "ShotKam App" in the search bar, then select "Get." The correct app will have a white icon with black ShotKam logo. 


    3. Once installed, connect to the ShotKam's Wi-Fi and open the new app to start exploring the latest features.


Be sure to delete the original "ShotKam" app from your mobile device. 


Please note: If you are noticing a black screen while trying to calibrate the video crosshair, then please see the following Help Center article: Black screen while calibrating the video crosshair.



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