Aligning the reticle to POI

You can align your ShotKam to your Point of Impact (POI) if preferred. To align your ShotKam to the POI, you will need to use a patterning board:

  1. Aim at the center of a patterning board and take a shot to see your pattern.
  2. Find the center of your pattern on the patterning board and make a reference point (such as an "X").
  3. Once you've made a reference point in the center of your pattern, stabilize your gun about 20-30 yard away from the patterning board and connect to the ShotKam app.
  4. Keep your gun (POA) aimed at the center of the patterning board itself (not the center of your pattern)
  5. Once you have your gun stabilized and aimed at the center of the patterning board, adjust the ShotKam's crosshair in the app to the reference point you made on the center of your pattern and press "SAVE".

For any questions on how to align the reticle in the ShotKam App, please refer to Step 4: Calibrate the video crosshair.

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