Rebooting the Gen 3

How to reboot or restart ShotKam Gen 3 

With the ShotKam Gen 3, there is a small hole at the back of the camera to perform a reboot. This is typically recommended if the LED light does not come on when plugged in and is most commonly caused by the camera running out of battery while saving a video. No data will be lost by rebooting.

  1. Unscrew the back cap.
  2. Straighten out one end of a paper clip.
  3. Carefully insert the paperclip end into the small hole. Gently push the button to where you feel resistance, but don't press too hard.
  4. Now turn the ShotKam ON with one click of the control button and you should see the LED light come on.

Will a reboot erase all of my videos?

No, the reboot will not erase your ShotKam videos. This is similar to restarting a computer, so you will not lose any data. All settings and calibration will remain the same. 

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