Checking your ShotKam model

Identify your ShotKam model by checking the back cap for LED lights and ports. Find the right mobile app for your ShotKam generation.

How to Find Your ShotKam Model

To know which ShotKam generation you have, simply remove the camera's screw on back cap and look for the following:

ShotKam 4: 2 LED light indicators, USB-C port, built-in SD card (not visible), and either gold, green, red, or blue metal lock ring.

SK4_Back_Face_Copy.pngSK4 Back Face Copy Green.pngSK4 Back Face Red.pngSK4 Back Face Blue.png

ShotKam 3: 2 LED light indicators, built-in SD card (not visible), and green, blue, red, or yellow metal lock ring. 


ShotKam 2: 2 LED light indicators, accessible SD card slot (visible), and yellow metal lock ring. Only compatible with Android mobile devices. Note: Some units may have a latch on the SD card slot. 

 SK2_Icon_Back_Face_copy_1.png    SK2_Icon_Back_Face_Latch_Copy_4.png

ShotKam 1:  3 LED light indicators


What mobile app do I need for my ShotKam model?

ShotKam 3:

  • iOS users: Click here for Apple App Store link, or search "ShotKam App" - Released February 2022
  • Android users: Click here for Google Play Store link, or search "ShotKam"- New app coming April 1

ShotKam 2: Only compatible with Android devices. Pairs with the "ShotKam 2016" (ShotKamPro) mobile app, only available in the Android Google Play Store. Please Note: The ShotKamPro app is not available on Apple devices because the App Store updated their requirements and only made 32-bit apps accessible to much older devices. If you have an iPhone or iPad, then you cannot download the app for the 2nd Generation ShotKam.

ShotKam 1: No Wi-Fi, cannot pair with any mobile devices. 


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