What ShotKam model do I have?

To know which ShotKam model you have, simply remove the camera's screw on back cap and look for the following:

3rd Generation ShotKam: 2 LED light indicators, built-in SD card (not visible), and green metal lock ring. 

2nd Generation ShotKam: 2 LED light indicators, accessible SD card slot (visible), and yellow metal lock ring. 

1st Generation ShotKam:  3 LED light indicators


What mobile app do I need for my ShotKam Generation?

3rd Generation ShotKam: Pairs with the "ShotKam" mobile app, available on both the Apple App Store (Version 4.1) and Google Play Store (Version 1.1.3). 

2nd Generation ShotKam: Pairs with the "ShotKam 2016" (ShotKamPro) mobile app, only available on Google Play Store (Version 1.6). Please Note: The ShotKam Pro app is unavailable on Apple devices because the App Store updated their requirements and only made 32-bit apps accessible to much older devices. 

1st Generation ShotKam: No Wi-Fi, cannot pair with any mobile devices. 

If you are a First or Second Generation ShotKam user, please see our Trade-in program for information on how to upgrade your camera. 



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