What is the 30-day return policy?

ShotKam's 30-day return policy is as follows: 

Our Money Back Guarantee covers a full refund in the event that you wish to return your ShotKam. Please note that shipping related charges are non-refundable, but you will be refunded fully for the camera. 

You may contact us at Support@ShotKam.com if you wish to return your camera for a complete refund if not 100% satisfied.

Your Money-Back Guarantee is void if:

  • You have disassembled your unit (ex. front lens or rear lock ring is removed)
  • You have altered, repaired, or modified your unit
  • You have damaged or destroyed your unit by accidents or similar events, or by any intentional, reckless, or negligent acts. 
  • You fail to return all additional parts and accessories included with your original purchase. 

To learn about our 2-year warranty on your camera, please see What is the warranty policy?




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