Will it work on my magazine extension tube or silencer?

Can the ShotKam be mounted onto a magazine tube?

Yes, our 12 Ga quick-release bracket (that automatically comes with your purchase) fits most magazine extension tubes. 

The maximum diameter of the 12-gauge bracket is 27 mm (a little over 1 inch) and this 12-gauge is our largest bracket size. If your magazine tube is under 27mm in diameter, then you can mount the ShotKam onto it.

The 12-gauge quick-release bracket is lined with protective rubber pads, so you may need to remove one (or both) bracket pads to fit it onto your extension tube. You will find an extra rubber pad in the "spare parts bag" included with each purchase, so it is easy to put back on. Simply use fishing line to hook the rubber nob, then gently pull it through the metal bracket hole.


Will it fit on my shotgun barrel silencer?

If your suppressor is wider than 27mm, then you could mount the ShotKam to your barrel if there is space behind the silencer. Note that the distance from the barrel down to the camera lens is 18mm, so the silencer may appear in your ShotKam videos. The camera will also capture the barrel in the video if it is 10+ inches back from the muzzle.

If you have specific questions, please send the outer diameter of your extension tube to Support@ShotKam.com so we can confirm which mount works best for you. 


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