Analyzing ShotKam videos: how to improve

The ShotKam is designed to train your subconscious brain on where to put the barrel. By repeatedly watching your ShotKam videos, you are imprinting the correct sight-picture to more quickly recognize when to pull the trigger.

Here are some tips for how to study your videos to increase your scores:

Study the 10-15 frames (pictures) right before you pull the trigger to see what your move looked like.

  1. Did you stop the gun before pulling the trigger?

    If you notice that there is diminishing lead before you pull the trigger, this indicates that your eyes went to the barrel, you slowed down your move, then miss behind the clay.
  2. Are you moving your hold-point?

    After you’ve determined a hold-point, use the ShotKam to make sure you are disciplined in maintaining that hold-point. Look to see if you are moving your barrel towards the clay thrower before starting your move to the break-point. If you notice your barrel moving towards the clay thrower, this would indicate that you are not maintaining your look-point (soft focus of the eyes). Your eyes are moving towards the clay which causes the gun to move, then can cause you to have too much gun movement as you try to catch up with the clay. Try adjusting your "look point", then stay disciplined not to move your eyes incorrectly.
  3. Are you moving with the target?

    The ShotKam can reveal any unnecessary barrel movements. If you study your footage in slow-motion, you may see mechanical issues such as looping in a u-shape on outgoing targets or incomers, dipping the barrel as you mount, or not being on the line of the target. You may also see that you are stopping your gun before the shot which is caused by your eyes going to the barrel instead of staying on the target.
  4. Are you flinching?

    You'll notice any flinches or jerks in your ShotKam videos. If the gun flips up or down significantly during recoil, the pitch of the butt of the gun should be adjusted by a gun fitter. Learn more here.
  5. Are you anticipating a presentation before reading the clay? (International Trap)

    In Olympic Trap, the clay can be thrown at a variety of angles and heights. If certain targets presentations are particularly difficut, then you may see false movement in your videos as you anticipate one angle before actually seeing the clay. The ShotKam can identify any false movements when anticipating a target prematurely. 
  6. Are you reading the target well?

    If you are unsure why you missed a target, then you must compare a hit and a miss.  Double the lead, then half the lead to see which forward allowance that clay speed/distance requires. Watch your hits several times over to imprint the correct sight-picture into your mind.
  7. Was the reticle higher than the line of the target?

    This would show that either there's an incorrect gun fit, or you lifted your head and shot over the bird. 
  8. Are the videos slanted?

    First, check that your ShotKam is mounted correctly directly under the barrel with the USB port up closest to the barrel. If the ShotKam is mounted correctly and you're still seeing angled videos, then this may indicate that you've got a canted mount. Adjust the stock or butt of the gun.


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