Seeing pellets or shot string

Yes, you will be able to see the pellets for about 2-4 video frames. The pellets travel on average 3 feet per frame, so beyond 15 feet the pellets become smaller than a video pixel.

When you pull the trigger, you will see a few video frames of distortion as the gun powder explodes and the pellets move out of the barrel. Since the ShotKam records 100 frames per second, this happens in less than a fraction of a second. To view your videos frame-by-frame, please visit the following article: How to watch my videos in slow motion?

If missing a target and unsure of the lead required, the best option is to double the lead, then take another shot where you half the lead. Compare the two videos to imprint the correct site picture of which distance in front of the target is required for that target. We recommend studying your ShotKam footage before you take the shot to understand why you missed. Watch this video for tips on how to analyze and learn from your footage: 



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