Where we ship

We exclusively sell through our online websites, there are no physical stores. You can buy a ShotKam from any of our 5 international online stores: 

We've created these websites to improve accessibility for all of our customers, both domestic and international. All international online stores already include all import taxes (GST, HST, VAT), then shipping is calculated at Checkout depending on your country. The ShotKam is assembled, packaged, and fulfilled from our location in Florida, USA and shipped all over the world. (We ship using our international business numbers and tax ID's.) Please read on to determine which ShotKam website is best for completing your purchase. 

No shipping available: United Arab Emirates, China, Brazil, Lebanon, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Russia, Belarus, Estonia, or Mexico. We cannot ship to those countries, so your order would need to be shipped to a different country instead.


Which website should I order from? 

Below is a list of the top countries that we ship to and their corresponding ShotKam online shops. Our Canadian, Australian, European, and UK websites all already include all import taxes, so there will be no additional charges for those websites. The USA website is the only online store that does not include international taxes. Unless specified in the list below with an asterisk (*), all import duties and taxes are included.

Our preferred shipping company is FedEx and it typically takes 2 business days to deliver within the USA, then 2-5 days for all other countries:

*Import tax is not included: This means that your country requires the recipient (you) to pay VAT. You must order from our USA website which does not include international import taxes. FedEx will then contact you directly (by phone and email) to collect payment for VAT. Once you have paid FedEx, then the package will be released for delivery.


How much VAT will I be charged? Click here to find international tax rates. Note: This only applies for countries with an asterisk (*) in the list above.




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