Comparing ShotKam to other gun cameras

ShotKam vs. Tactacam vs. Tachyon

Watch our video below for a visual comparison between ShotKam, Tachyon, and Tactacam. 

Like the ShotKam, the Tactacam is another camera designed for shooting. However, there are several key differences that make the ShotKam superior: 

  • The ShotKam has an internal accelerometer and gyroscope, so it can intelligently detect barrel movements and the pull of gravity. This enables the ShotKam to start recording when it feels the action of your gun close, then save your videos only when it feels a recoil - the camera is completely self-editing. The Tactacam requires manual controls. 
  • The ShotKam has a patented reticle alignment system. This enables the camera to be calibrated so that the reticle represents your gun's exact point of aim. Studying the reticle position and movement in your ShotKam video will reveal shooting mistakes such as a canted mount, shooting over/under the target, etc. The Tactacam does not have a reticle.
  • About 1,000 G's of force go through the barrel of a shotgun when a shot is fired. The ShotKam's patented shock absorbing mounting bracket is designed to absorb most of that recoil, so the camera only gets 2-3 G's of force. This enables the camera to record clear, undisturbed video. The camera and brackets are designed to withstand hours of continuous, heavy recoil. The Tactacam moves very unsteadily after each recoil. 

Here are these two products side-by-side: 

ShotKam Tactacam 
  • Automatically records every recoil
  • Manually required to start/stop recording
  • Reticle crosshair to show your gun barrel
  • No reticle
  • Slow-motion playback to replicate your brain's perception of a moving target
  • Full speed playback so target looks extremely fast
  • Mounting bracket with shock absorption technology
  • No shock absorption, so significant of distortion and movement during recoil


ShotKam vs. GoPro 

The ShotKam is designed specifically as a training tool for shotguns, while the GoPro is an action video camera for capturing general scenery. Here are these two products side-by-side:  

ShotKam GoPro
  • Patented Reticle Alignment System: Allows you to adjust the reticle (the crosshair or red dot in the video), to your gun's point-of-aim.
  • No reticle, so you don't know where your barrel was.
  • Patented Shock Absorption Mechanism: Videos so clear that even the pellets can be seen against a sky background. 
  • No shock absorption, so extreme video distortion during recoil.
  • Patented Accelerometer & Gyroscope Logic: Detects barrel movements and recoils to accurately record video.
  • No recording logic, so the GoPro cannot detect barrel movements.
  • Patented Recoil-Activated Memory Buffer: Records videos of before, during, and after your shot. If you shoot 25 targets, you'll get 25 videos without ever worrying about having to turn the camera ON/OFF.
  • No "intelligent" recording mechanisms, so the user must manually start/stop recordings with each shot.
  • Weight: 5.5 ounces including the mount
  • 9.2 ounces including sportsman gun mount
  • Proudly Made in USA with military-grade aluminum for extreme durability.
  • Made in China with polycarbonate materials.

Watch a side-by-side comparison video of ShotKam and GoPro. 

Video Summary:

The biggest frustration of shotgun shooting is not knowing why you missed. You may hear "you missed in front of it," or "you missed behind it," but the reality is you have no idea. The ShotKam will show you exactly where your barrel was so you can learn why you missed. The average ShotKam user increases their score by 15% within the first month.

With this camera, you'll get a high-definition video of every shot. At the center of each video will be a crosshair to show exactly where you "aimed." Using the crosshair, you can study your move to the target and determine exactly why you missed or how you hit a target.

ShotKam has an internal accelerometer (detects forces) and gyroscope (detects movement), so it can intelligently detect barrel motion and the pull of gravity. This enables the ShotKam to start recording when it feels the action of your gun close, then save your videos only when it feels a recoil - the camera is completely self-editing.

The ShotKam is self-editing meaning that it will record and save each of your shots automatically when it detects the recoil of your gun. Once it saves your video, the ShotKam slows the playback speed to 1/3 to mimic how your brain perceives a moving target. This enhanced playback speed, along with its 4x zoom, will show you exactly how you’re hitting each target. Each video is recorded in Full HD at 100 frames per second so you can pinpoint the exact movements of your muzzle.  


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