Using Gen 2 ShotKam

The 2nd Generation ShotKam has an accessible SD card slot and a yellow metal lock ring at the back of the camera. If you have the 2nd Generation, then it requires the ShotKam 2016 (ShotKamPro) mobile app which is compatible with Android mobile devices.

The 2nd Gen ShotKam is exclusively compatible with ShotKamPro, not the new "ShotKam" app for the 3rd Generation. The ShotKamPro can only be downloaded to Android devices from the Google Play Store.

Why is the 2nd Gen app not available for iOS devices?

Apple updated their app requirements from 32-bit to 64-bit apps, but the processor in the 2nd Gen ShotKam cannot support that bit-rate. The 2nd Gen processor can only handle 32-bit data. Android did not “force” these changes, so that is why the ShotKamPro app is still in the Google Play Store.

If you have an iPhone or iPad that already has the app installed, then please continue to use that device with ShotKamPro. If not, then we would recommend using an Android device to align the reticle and a computer to watch all the videos. Check out our special Trade-in program to learn more about upgrading to the latest model.

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