How do I delete old videos off my ShotKam with my mobile device? 

To delete old ShotKam videos through your mobile device, follow these steps: 

  1. Connect to your ShotKam's WiFi and open the ShotKam app. 
  2. Select the Play icon to view the dated folders.  
  3. To delete an entire dated folder of videos, select the Trash icon in the upper right corner. Check the dated folder box, and select the Trash icon again. Confirm to permanently delete.
  4. To delete individual videos, open the dated folder and choose "Select Files" in the upper right corner. Check the box by the shots, and select the Trash icon in the upper right corner. Confirm to permanently delete from your ShotKam.

This will permanently delete videos off the memory card to free up space. The ShotKam can hold up to 2,000 videos. If you'd like visual instructions of this process, watch the first 45 seconds of the video below for quickly deleting videos using your mobile device. 


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  • Thank you for the information on erasing videos.

    Do I need to keep an eye on the amount of memory available on the camera? Do I have to erase videos in order to be sure there is free space on the ShotKam for new videos?


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