Using compound bow mount: setup instructions

Learn how to attach the ShotKam to your bow using our bow mount accessory, then calibrate the reticle.


Mounting the ShotKam above the bow mount will bring the camera's alignment closer to the arrow's alignment. This will give a better video of the arrow flight. The ridges on the rubber mounting pad will not be in the grooves of the camera tube and the USB port should be up.

  1. Remove your bow’s original stabilizer.
  2. Screw in our custom bow mount. This will act as your stabilizer and is the same width as a 12-gauge barrel.
  3. Attach the ShotKam above the stabilizer using the 12-gauge mounting bracket.
  4. Ensure the camera's USB port is facing up in order for the video to appear correctly. In order to get the USB port up, the grooves in the camera tube will not be aligned with the ridges of the bracket and that is okay. Note: If the USB port is down (closest to the stabilizer), then your videos will be upside-down. 

bow_up.jpg         bow_usb_up2.jpg


  1. Turn on your ShotKam's WiFi, connect, and open the ShotKam app (steps here).
  2. Open the Settings icon, then select:
    o Target Type: Either “Ground Game” for a long video, or “Paper Target” for a short video.
    o Shooting Device: Bow
    o Reticle Style: Red Dot
  3. Save those settings.


Decide which sight-pin you will align the reticle to. For hunting with sight pins at 20, 30, and 40-yards, we recommend choosing the 30-yards as a compromise. For target shooting, choose the sight pin for your target distance. 

For the next steps, you will need two people. One to draw the bow, then one to align the reticle.

  1. Turn on your ShotKam's WiFi, connect, and open the ShotKam app (steps here)
  2. Open the reticle icon (crosshair icon).
  3. Person #1: Fully draw the bow and anchor it into your face, then aim the bow at the desired target with the chosen sight pin.
  4. Person #2: Use your mobile device to align the reticle onto the target. This will take multiple times of drawing the bow as the drawing arm tires quickly. Once the reticle is aligned, press "Save" and exit the app.


  1. Turn the ShotKam ON with a quick click of the control button (one green LED).
  2. If using the Ground Game setting, follow these steps here and shoot within 5 minutes of turning the camera on. The Bow setting is extremely sensitive, so the release of the arrow will trigger the video to be saved.
  3. If using the Paper Targets setting, shoot within 60 seconds of turning the camera on, or bump the camera to reset the 60 second timer. Ensure the LED is solid green which shooting. The release of the arrow will trigger the video to save (blue LED after you shoot).


  • Never draw the bow without an arrow nocked (arrow in place).
  • To help stabilize the sight-picture when the bow is fully drawn, you can rest the back of the arm holding the bow against a wall or post.
  • Depending on your bow's limbs, you will see video distortion in the ShotKam videos. This is caused when the bow limbs vibrate for up to one full second which causes many frames of distortion (20-30 frames of distortion).
  • You must be at a suitable range to do this and follow their range safety procedures.

Examples of range shots:

Videos from our customers:

ShotKam footage starts at 1:46 in the video below:


Start at 1:10 in the video below:


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