Zoom and video format

Magnification Zoom:

The Gen 4 has digital zoom, which means that it will automatically zoom based on your target (clays, flying birds, or big game). The Gen 4 intelligently adjusts the video resolution when it zooms in order to preserve the video quality. 

Multiple zoom settings are available, including Wide field-of-view up to 8x Zoom, which you can easily change in the ShotKam mobile app's Advanced Settings. To learn how to adjust the Gen 4 zoom, click here

Video Resolution and Frame Rate:

The default setting is a 30° Field-of-View with a resolution of 2.7 K at 120 frames per second (ultra-high definition). Up to 4K resolution is available. 

See below for all Zoom, Resolution,  Frames Per Second, and Field-of-View options: 

4K at 60 fps | 2x Zoom (Wide Angle) = 44° FOV

2.7K at 120 fps | 3x Zoom = 30° FOV

1080p at 120 fps | 2x Zoom (Wide-Angle) = 44° FOV

1080p at 120 fps | 4x Zoom = 21.8° FOV  -- This is the same FOV as Gen 3

720p at 120 fps | 6x Zoom = 15° FOV

540p at 120 fps | 8x Zoom = 11° FOV

Playback Recording Speed:

The playback speed can be adjusted, but we recommend leaving it on the default "Normal" speed. The ShotKam records 120 frames per second in Ultra Full HD, then as it saves the video onto the internal memory card, it slows each video down to 1/3 speed. The purpose of this is to mimic how the human eye perceives a moving target (in one-third speed) and is unique to ShotKam's design. If you record a video with your iPhone and play it back, the target will look extremely fast. If you watch a ShotKam video, the target will look exactly like how you perceived it when shooting.

This means that your videos will play back at 40 frames-per-second which is perfect for a smooth video and clear understanding. We recommend keeping this "Normal", but you can adjust this setting within the ShotKam mobile app as follows:

  • Slower (1/2 speed of "Normal"): The video will play 16.6 frames per second and be very slow.
  • Faster (2x speed of "Normal"): The video will play 66.6 frames per second and be fast.
  • Full Speed: The video will play 100 frames per second and be extremely fast. This is not recommended as most devices cannot process such a high data-rate. 

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