Black screen in app when calibrating

If you are seeing a black screen in the ShotKam app when calibrating your Gen 4 or taking a test recording: 

  1. Check that your ShotKam is fully charged (at least 3 hours or overnight). 
  2. Ensure the LED lights on your ShotKam are correct in WiFi Mode: green + yellow LEDs together. 
  3. Confirm your mobile device is compatible. Review compatible devices here.
  4. Confirm you have the latest ShotKam App update installed for Apple and Android devices. Open the App Store or Google Play Store, search for the app, then install any updates availble.

  5. Check the app permissions: Follow steps in this article here.
  6. Reboot your mobile device: 
    • iPhone Reboot Instructions: Click here
    • iPad Reboot Instructions: Click here
    • For Android Phones and Tablets: Turn your device OFF completely. Leave OFF for ten seconds, then turn back on. 
  7. If your device is compatible and you have the latest app installed, please try a different compatible mobile device to see if the same issue persists. 

If you do not see a black screen with a different mobile device, check if your device has a Mobile Device Management or security block installed: 


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