Recording and watching videos at the range

Be sure to charge your ShotKam for at least 3 hours or overnight before shooting. Simply click and release the control button to turn the ShotKam ON and OFF. When ready to shoot: 

Step 1: Turn ON with One Click

Start with the ShotKam OFF (no LED lights). Turn the ShotKam ON with one click of the control button and release. You will see one yellow LED light that will quickly turn to solid green, indicating that your camera is ready to record. This is called "Normal Shooting Mode" and you should use this mode any time you want to record video

  • Brief yellow light = warming up.
  • Solid green light = ready to record and save your videos.

Step 2: Sleep Mode

After 20 seconds of inactivity (no recoil or action opening/ closing), the camera will go into "Sleep Mode" to conserve power. You do not have to turn the camera OFF between stations because it will be in Sleep Mode to save battery.

  • Slow flashing green LED light = Sleep Mode.

Step 3: Waken and Shoot Within 20 Seconds

When ready to shoot, close the action, then shoot within 20 seconds. The force of the action closing will wake the camera from Sleep Mode (the green LED light will be solid). When there is a force through the gun (action opening/ closing, bumping the gun, or recoil), the 20 seconds will restart.

Once you take your shot, you will see a flashing blue LED to indicate that your shot is saving. You can keep shooting while the blue LED light flashes.

  • Blinking blue LED = Appears after the recoil to indicate your shot was saved

To easily understand the ShotKam, watch a quick 2-minute video explanation:

Step 4: Watch your ShotKam Videos at the Range 

To watch your videos, connect to the ShotKam's WiFi network on your mobile device and open the ShotKam mobile app. Next, select Watch Videos and you will see your shots organized by date and time. Tap on the thumbnail of the shots you would like to view. 

After selecting a video, you can press the play button to watch your videos. To go frame-by-frame, use the tick bar at the bottom of the screen to scroll forward and backward. 

NOTE: When viewing your footage, this is a temporary download and your videos are only viewable while connected to the ShotKam app. To save a video onto your device's Photo Library, click here for more information. 

Here is a quick video on how to play your footage: 

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