Rifle Mounting Guide

Yes, the ShotKam can be mounted either on any Picatinny or Weaver rail, or directly onto the barrel using our recommended attachments below. The ShotKam camera is ideal for targets up to 100 yards and records footage from underneath the barrel, not through the rifle scope.

See example videos at the bottom of this article, or join our Facebook Group called ShotKam Community (click here) to see videos shared by our customers.

All mounts are compatible with the Gen 3 and Gen 4 ShotKam.

Mounting on Picatinny or Weaver Rail

  1. Purchase the Rail Mount (available on "Accessories" page of website).
  2. Attach the ShotKam by gently tightening the Rail Mount screws (approx. 5 lbs pressure).
  3. Set "Shooting Device" in the ShotKam App (bow, rifle, or shotgun).

Mounting on Barrel

  • Measure barrel width where you will attach ShotKam.
  • Use the appropriate recommended mounting accessory (chart below)

Rifle Mount Chart.png






Please Note:

  • ShotKam is not for scope recording.
  • Moderators may appear in videos (this is normal).
  • For AR15/AR10/Ruger Precision Rifles or tactical rifles with M-Lok or KeyMod forends supporting Picatinny rail attachments on all sides (top/sides/bottom), we recommend using the Rail Mount.
  • Mounting onto the rail reduces vibration during recoil, resulting in crisp video footage. Avoid bottom-mounting due to potential interference with a bipod, and avoid top-mounting if you have a scope/sight. Side mounting is the best position for ShotKam on these rifles.
  • For shorter barrel ARs with muzzle brakes that direct gas and debris backward, position the camera further back on the rifle.


Additional Barrel Mounting Information:

12 Gauge Mount:

  • Recommended for 21.5mm to 26mm barrel width.
  • Suitable for large-caliber rifles like 416, 458, .50 BMG.

20 Gauge Mount:

  • Recommended for 18mm to 21.5mm barrel width.
  • Suitable for 30-caliber rifles such as .300 win mag, .308, .30-30, .338, 270, 30-06 (7mm), 9.3 x 62mm, 9.3x74r express rifle.

28 Gauge Mount:

  • Recommended for 14.5mm to 18mm barrel width.
  • Suitable for .243, 6.5 Creedmore, 7x64.

.410 Mount:

  • Recommended for 12mm to 14.5mm barrel width.
  • Suitable for AR-15, .223, .22*, .22LR* (*For .22 rifles, please see "Using ShotKam with your .22 rifle").

12 Gauge Side-by-Side:

  • Recommended for 40.5mm to 44mm side-by-side barrel widths.
  • Suitable for both 12 Gauge and 16 Gauge side-by-sides (juxtaposed or parallel shotguns).

20 Gauge Side-by-Side:

  • Recommended for 36mm to 39mm side-by-side barrel width.
  • Suitable for 20 Gauge side-by-sides.
  • Note: If your side-by-side is between 39.1mm and 40.4mm, you can use extra rubber pads with the 12 GA SxS mount. Avoid over-tightening the bracket to prevent damage.

28 Gauge Side-by-Side or smaller:

  • We can customize the 20 Gauge side-by-side mount with extra rubber pads to fit a 28 Gauge side-by-side.
  • Contact us at Support@shotkam.com for a custom invoice.
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Examples of hunts with Gen 3 from our customers:


Moose calf:


Red stag:

Mule deer with rifle: ShotKam footage starts at 49 seconds in the video below.


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