Testing the battery

Please note that the Gen 4 turns off automatically after 2 hours of inactivity. Bump the gun or click the control button once every two hours to restart the timer.

  1. Charge your ShotKam for at least 3 hours. The LED will be solid red when fully charged.
  2. Disable Sleep Mode: Connect to the ShotKam's WiFi newtork and open the app , then connect a smartphone or tablet to the ShotKam’s Wi-Fi. Open the ShotKam app, select the Settings icon (gear), tap on “Wake-Up Sensitivity,” then select “Sleep Disabled - 2 Hour Battery Life.”
  3. Close the app and turn the ShotKam OFF.
  4. Now, turn the ShotKam ON into Normal Shooting Mode (one click of the control button; 1 solid green LED).
  5. Time how long it lasts before it turns off. A healthy battery should last 90 minutes in testing mode. Keep the camera in a cool room or under a fan. CAUTION: It will get hot; this is normal in test mode.
  6. Important: Turn the "Wake-up Sensitivity" setting back to Normal before going back to the range.

We recommend shooting in Normal Shooting Mode (one green LED light), then turning the camera into WiFi Mode when you would like to download and watch videos. The ShotKam will last 2 hours in constant WiFi Mode, or 15 hours with sporadic WiFi use. 

If your battery is not lasting 85-90 minutes during the battery test, please see Battery replacement information.

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